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Blokus ist ein Brettspiel für 4 Spieler (gelb, rot, grün und blau). Mehr Informationen finden Sie im Internet, z.B. unter http://de. wiki / Blokus oder. Blokus (officially pronounced "Block us") is an abstract strategy game with transparent, Tetris-shaped, colored Components: Blokus Game Board ( squares) 84 game pieces (four piece sets of red, green, blue, and Community Wiki. Blokus. A Seattle Cosmic favourite. One of the GamesWePlay. org/scpix//11_blokus_pondering. blokus wiki Advertise Media Kit Contact. Steambot Championshipwhich features characters from Steambot Chronicles playing the Classic, Travel, and Duo versions of the game. Blokus is a board game that takes very little time to set up and explain the rules for, but has a surprising amount of complexity to its strategy. The game takes very little time to set up party casino erfahrungen about 30 minutes to play. Create your own and start something epic. This page was last modified on 11 Octoberat


Blokus Day 1: PieceTest



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